Record Cover Frames

Record Cover Frames

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Amplify your favorite record cover art. Mix a vintage vibe with a modern twist. Let the music reverberate off the walls. Change the art, change the tempo. If the collector still likes to spin records, then this is the next big hit, because you can slide the record (cover and all) in and out of the frame without removing the frame from the wall. Wherever the location, in whatever configuration, installation is easy. With one screw (provided with anchor), the frame basically balances itself. Custom installation guide and discount available for orders of 10 or more.

Each hardwood bracket is carefully handcrafted using select hardwood, then finished to a silky touch with a top-quality oil. Extending fine craftsmanship to all corners, each triple-strength glass pane is carefully edged for a smooth, frosty finish. These details award your records a stunning look and the power to turn any room 'round.

* Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if no inventory.

* Free local deliveries (Los Angeles, Orange Co.) for orders of 4 or more.

* Shipping will be calculated separately on a followup payment request (approx. $10-20 each within US; $25-50 each international).