Carved Cedar Chairs for the Children


The jolt of inspiration, quick results, and smell of fresh cut cedar all week before the exhibit was a bit surreal. Then the artwalk opening tested the reality of the dreamed experiment Thanks to my friends at the gallery for handing me the encouragement and key. I look forward to turning on the lights every evening all month. 

On exhibit, besides the chairs, is the story of a tree that fell in a windstorm and a family of 6 who lived in the house which was smashed by the tree nearly two years ago. No one was hurt, the house was repaired, and the family, my friends and neighbors, moved back into their happy home. Meanwhile, a few chunks of the fallen tree were kept in my driveway for the chance of carving something worthy of the experience of a century-old tree crushing your house. Was thinking of them throughout, so their story of strength and love is written in the grain and commemorated in the contours of the three sculptures on exhibit.