Who’s Luz de Mano?

Woodworking is my rising sign. Luz de Mano is the way I express my passion for designing and making furniture. It’s an authentic approach to creating the space to live our best life. I wear all the hats in this operation, so I can tell you a little bit about it.

I started making my own furniture when I first needed furniture. At 20 years old, the craft became a secret passion. Meanwhile, other careers provided the means. At 40, it became my business and full-time occupation – custom furniture, built-ins, specialty carpentry, and frames. Ten years later, Luz de Mano is master craftsmanship with a creative priority. 

The home studio workshop in Pomona, California, keeps it simple and creative. Personal, quality attention is dedicated to every project whether it is a commission or an experiment. Day to day, we’re hardly ever making the same thing unless it’s another batch of record frames or art frames. Regardless, quality is never compromised. 

I love to pursue sudden inspirations, as can happen when I stumble upon unexpected material. I hope you see that instinct in my sculptures and in my own home space solutions. When asked what I enjoy making most, it’s usually what I’m working on at the time. That’s what gives it the best chance to come out right. 

Equally, Luz de Mano finds great purpose in collaborating with clients for their particular spaces. My best work would never have happened without the client’s story. When it’s time to present ideas, I enjoy the process of hand-drawn solutions and addressing all concerns. No project is out of the question if custom design and total quality craftsmanship is what you’re looking for. 

Full potential continues to expand in the LdM workshop. Constant are the projects when the process and delivery raise the talents and expectations. Stay tuned to see how the journey develops one project at a time. If you have a project in mind for us to consider together, please don’t hesitate to reach out.