LdM Record Frames on the Rise

Marv has a spacious two-story loft with a staircase separating his private quarters from the wide open living space. Jazz and records and Marv go way back. He even has a vitrola from the record store his dad owned when he was a kid. They’re gonna keep journeying together, every ascension and every landing. At the front end of this showcase on the staircase he’ll be mounting a vertical record player. He wants you to engage with the framed records along the way, up or down, all around, and that’s what directed this layout. Since you can slide records in and out of these frames without removing the frames from the wall, the party will congregate on the stairs for sure. More pics to come so we can scope out his collection. Thanks, Marv, for giving me an opportunity to do something really cool today while getting my stairs on.