Microliving Modeled

Commission: design and build a micro-living solution for a 225 sq ft studio apartment near USC. Designed and modeled by LdM (1:12 scale) for Stuho Inc. You need a bed that doesn’t look bad unmade, out of the way, but easy to access. You need a couch to chill and play video games on, plus expect the occasional sleepover. Would be cool if the couch catches your occasional fall out of bed, too. We’re losing space quickly because there’s a bathroom and kitchenette already built in. So let’s build the desk and its cubbies into the back of the sofa on wheels where the mess can roll away and hide. Free up the dance floor 🕺🏽(approx 100 sq ft). What about your clothes? Under each stair is a drawer, so the bottom drawer can essentially be as long as the full width of the full-size bed (54”). Nerd need more storage? 15 file boxes stack below the bed, behind the tucked-in couch 🤓 or store your bike there 🚲 or pretend you’re camping ⛺️. School starts again really soon, so gotta go.