Raul Pizarro’s Art Studio

There’s a wish for Raul’s success and happiness at every handcrafted corner. All of it was inspired and commissioned by Raul, designed and handcrafted by LdM. Functional details are made of walnut and Afromosia hardwoods. All the rest is Baltic birch plywood, sanded to the smoothest touch, and finished with three coats of polyurethane.

Raul’s work is amazing, and I hope my work adds more joy and ease to his process. Paint has always intimidated me, the courage it must take… woodwork feels much safer. How do painters do it!? Add to the challenge, muscular dystrophy, how do you hold the brush? and make your own frames?

Accessibility is good design. With more work surface in high demand for Raul, the countertop of the flat file island extends 30” without obstruction, so Raul can roll up in his wheelchair from three directions. As is the case with the 12-foot long spanning desk: no legs to obstruct Raul’s flow and spinning side kicks.