Sully's Bunk: Installed



Delivered and installed Sully's Bunk with the help and support of a team of 3 friends. Considering the scope, it went superbly well, certainly not without the strength and will of the team. There was no better incentive but to make Sully's room the absolute most wonderful room to call his own.

From concept to installation, Sully's Bunk is LdM's biggest and best example of custom furniture. Like almost all other commissions, this all-in-one solution would have never been imagined on my own. Sully's parents wanted their child's bedroom to foster learning and adventure while solving all the various needs for storage. Start with an empty room, they said. Present anything, they said. Challenging me with so much encouragement, I couldn't let them down. Notice the window?...Overlooking a slope of oak trees, the stage props Sully up with a captain's view. For me, designing and building this ship was a true adventure, and it thrills me to know my craft is positively influencing a voyage through childhood. 

[ Made of pine plywood, redwood 4x4s, and long 1" diameter dowels. 14'l x 10'w x 80"h. ]