Art Frames

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Inspired by all of you making and displaying more art at home, introducing the LdM Art Frame. Whether for illustrations, watercolor, or fabric art, it’s a box frame that encourages more art production because you can change out the art just by sliding the acrylic glass out the top. Made of premium quality Baltic birch plywood, sanded smooth and finished. The box frame allows the art to float in the 3/4-inch space behind the acrylic glass. Several ways to fasten the art, though, this display currently has no art so to emphasize the frames. Here are the sizes and prices:

[ ART / FRAME / INTRO PRICE (no finish) ]

5x7 / 12.5x15.5 / 65

9x12 / 18x22 / $95

11x14 / 20x24 / $120

12x18 / 22x29 / $165

18x24 / 28x35 / $220